New seasonal special juice is ready! "Apple Turmeric Ginger"

New seasonal special juice is ready!

New seasonal special juice is ready!
"Apple Turmeric Ginger"

Apple Turmeric Ginger is a special juice made by adding turmeric to apple, lemon, and ginger! It uses autumn turmeric from Okinawa, which is rich in curcumin, so it is a perfect menu for the year-end and New Year party season.

Curcumin is famous for improving liver function, but it is also an ingredient that can be expected to have various effects such as lowering cholesterol levels, beautiful skin, activating the brain, and preventing periodontal disease.

And the frozen cleanse menu of the online shop is also renewed!
The newly released Rainbow Cleanse comes in two easy-to-drink types: beet juice rich in iron and zinc, pear juice that is effective in relieving swelling, and a special seasonal juice that changes depending on the season. Cleanse menu for a limited time. The contents are easy to drink even for those who are new to juice cleanse.

Seasonal special juices use carefully selected ingredients, so they cannot be produced in small quantities or remanufactured. Since the quantity is limited, sales will end as soon as the set is sold out! You can't drink the same blended special juice, so if you're interested, please stock up before it's sold out.

Now on sale at the online shop and Ebisu store!

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