Sunshine Juice is also a sponsor of the longboard movie contest!

Sunshine Juice is also a sponsor of the longboard movie contest!

We are sponsoring a longboard movie contest!
Enjoying your great longboard surf movie.
You can enter until the end of September.
Sunshine juice will be delivered to the winner along with the prize money.

-------- quoted from rise_lb's Instagram below -------

No one is doing a longboard movie contest, so I'm doing it!
For the time being, the total prize money is 100,000 yen ~ + 20 sunshine juice + Pension Kurahashi accommodation ticket with BBQ
We are also looking for sponsors, so the last prize may go up on the last day! ?
Supported by

Participating is easy. Anyone can participate and an attractive riding video on a longboard * 1 trick or more (nose, lip, cutback ... etc. 1 action included) up to 1 minute (camera, drone, gopro anything is fine.Edit With or without is fine!) One post per surfer please.
Please post it yourself and tag it with #risemoviecontest .
I reposted it on rise and said, "Like! Choose TOP 3 for those with a large number of
I will judge the final 3 people! The period is from 8/25 to 9/30.
Please post now!

And if you are interested in sponsoring this contest, please DM me! I can only advertise, but I will do my best to advertise! The prize money will be included as it is, so let's make it exciting together with the longboard!

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