Natural remedies are available at Kamakura's ultra-light hiking shop "Yama to Michi".

Natural remedies are available at Kamakura's ultra-light hiking shop

Natural remedies are available at Kamakura's ultra-light hiking shop " Yama to Michi" .

We hope that hikers will be able to enjoy a better hiking life by using this easily portable plant energy.

・・・ Below is a quote from " Mountains and Roads" ・・・

| Started selling powdered powder "Natural Remedy" at Yamato Road Zaimokuza |

This is maehara, the manager of mountain and road zaimokuza .

At Yamato Michi Zaimokuza, we are not only delivering products, but we have also begun multifaceted development, including spaces for customers to use, book sales, and events.

And today we are announcing further developments. Mountains and roads Zaimokuza has started handling "Natural Remedy" powder, which is a tightly concentrated plant component sold by Sunshine Juice.

As the number of hiking days increases, I myself eat more instant noodles and energy bars, and subconsciously want to incorporate natural foods such as vegetables and fruits into my body. "Natural Remedy" that you can easily drink anytime and anywhere will solve such feelings.

Among the four types of lineup, "Recovery", which promotes fatigue recovery with the ingredients of beets, feels the energy of nature rushing into the tired body after walking a long distance. Recommended. And above all, the lightness of the powder is attractive.

Depending on your ideas, you can enjoy it in various ways, such as dissolving it in water and drinking it like juice, making use of the taste of the material itself to make homemade trail food, or mixing it with oil to make a dressing.

If you want to integrate with nature with UL equipment, why not try to integrate with nature inside your body? Please try to incorporate it into your hiking and daily life. Yama to Michi Kyoto will also be on sale from the opening day of the 29th (Sat), so please look forward to it!

○ commodity information
"Natural Remedy"
Lineup: Chaga “Immunity IMMUNITY” / Beats “Recovery” / Horsetail “Excretion DETOX” / Turmeric “Kouken HANGOVER”
Sales price: 350 yen per package (tax included)

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