"JUICY TALK vol.18" will be held on Sunday, October 17th! Our guest this time is trail runner Kimino Miyazaki!

Health cutting-edge talk series "JUICY TALK" vol.18 will be held!
This time the guest is trail runner Kimino Miyazaki.

A session “JUICY TALK” where Sunshine Juice representative Nori Kou welcomes various guests he respects and talks about “health”

Our guest this time, Ms. Kimino Miyazaki, is a female trail runner who has competed in various races in Japan and around the world, and is active on the front lines. I would like to ask Miyazaki, who is also supported by Sunshine Juice, the secret behind his strength, what he experienced during the harsh race, and his thoughts on food. I think that you can get advice not only for those who are already exercising, but also for those who want to start exercising or want to start running.

October 17th (Sunday) 16:00 Sunshine Juice Kimino Miyazaki's instagram live distribution will start, and it will also be publicly distributed from Zushi's "amigo house"!

If you want to see the talk live, please stop by "amigo house" after taking measures against infectious diseases. Limited to 10 people, advance reservations are accepted. For reservations, please send an Instagram DM to Sunshine Juice. looking forward to!


Postscript: You can see the archived video below. Please take a look!


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