The new episode of "JUICY TALK Podcast by SUNSHINE JUICE" has been updated!

The new episode of

Today's guest is art curator Roger McDonald.

“I want to live in relationships as much as possible.”

Roger, an art curator who runs fenberger house in Nagano Prefecture. Based on the wonderful content of his published book, "DEEP LOOKING: A Guide to Deep Observation that Revives the Imagination," we asked Mr. Roger what he thinks about every day and how to live "JUICY" in his life.

Inspired by DEEP LOOKING, Sunshine Juice occasionally holds workshops called "DEEP JUICING". Please join us when the event is held, and I think you will be able to feel many things.

"Juicy Talk Podcast", a cutting-edge health podcast series in which Sunshine Juice representative Nori Kou invites attractive guests who are active in various fields to listen to their stories.

We will deliver content full of hints that will make your daily life a little more juicy on spotify.

Please listen when you are traveling or when you have time. Stay tuned for future episodes. From the profile link please.

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