"JUICY TALK Podcast by SUNSHINE JUICE" The guest this time is Yoko Nakagami of Kochi bookstore "Frank ni Bookstore".

"I want to do what I can without giving up"

Mr. Nakagami, a bookstore owner who selects and sells books related to feminism and gender. This time, we asked Mr. Nakagami what he feels about books, what he wants to convey, and how to live "JUICY" in your life.

Sunshine Juice will participate in Frank's bookstore "One Day Open" from 11:00-17:00 on 6/18 (Sun) and squeeze juice from Kochi's plants in June.

A talk with Mr. Nakagami will also be held from 14:00. Feminism and juice, I'm sure it will be an interesting content. If you live nearby, please come to pick up a book, listen to a talk, and drink juice.

“Juicy Talk Podcast,” a cutting-edge health podcast series in which Sunshine Juice representative Nori Kou invites attractive guests who are active in various fields to listen to their stories.

We will deliver content full of hints that will make your daily life a little more juicy on spotify.

Please listen when you are traveling or when you have time. Stay tuned for future episodes. Please follow the link below!

Link to Spotify

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