The new episode of "JUICY TALK Podcast by SUNSHINE JUICE" has been updated!

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This time's guest is Ariko Inaoka, the 16th generation head of Owariya Honke.

"Everything is me. I see myself from a distance."

The representative of Honke Owariya, a long-established soba restaurant in Kyoto, and photographer Ariko Inaoka.

Mr. Inaoka, who is the representative of Honke Owariya, a soba restaurant that has been in operation for 500 years in Kyoto, and is also a photographer, talks about his experiences living overseas, his activities as a photographer, and what he thinks about every day as the representative of Honke Owariya, and his daily life. We asked her for tips on how to live a "JUICY" life.

``Juicy Talk Podcast'' is a state-of-the-art health podcast series in which Sunshine Juice representative Ko Nori welcomes attractive guests who are active in various fields and talks to them.

We will deliver content full of hints on how to make your daily life even a little juicier on Spotify.

Please listen to it when you are on the go or have time. Please look forward to future episodes. Please click the link.

Juicy Talk Podcast

now only in japanese but we would love to have great guest speakers from all over the world! many tips for your juicy life.

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