"JUICY TALK" vol. 17 Held on Instagram Live! The guest is the rapper SHINGO★Nishinari!

Health cutting-edge talk series, "JUICY TALK" vol. 17 will be held on Instagram Live! The guest this time is the rapper SHINGO★Nishinari.

A session “JUICY TALK” where Sunshine Juice representative Nori Kou welcomes various guests he respects and talks about “health”

Our guest this time, SHINGO★Nishinari, is a HIPHOP artist based in Nishinari, Osaka. With the motto "Things that can be done now, what people can do now", they are actively working on local communities, mainly in Nishinari, through music.

SHINGO★Mr. Nishinari's words are natural, straightforward, and full of love. The background that led to that expression and the secret to being able to continue in that state. And about "health" in a broad sense of Mr. SHINGO, who creates his own style and always runs on the front lines! I would love to hear from you!

It will be distributed on Sunshine Juice's Instagram from 16:00 on 6/27 (Sun) , so please take a look.


Postscript: You can see the archived video below. Please take a look!


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