The guest is nature photographer Junji Takasago! "JUICY TALK vol. 16" Held on Instagram live on 5/9 (Sun)!

The guest is nature photographer Junji Takasago!

Health cutting-edge talk series, "JUICY TALK" vol. 16 will be held on Instagram Live! Today's guest is nature photographer Junji Takasago.
A session “JUICY TALK” where Sunshine Juice representative Nori Kou welcomes various guests he respects and talks about “health”

Our guest this time, Mr. Takasago, a photographer, has traveled the world so far, encountering miraculously beautiful moments reflected by nature in various places and photographing them.

Mr. Takasago, who encounters such miraculous moments and expresses them without missing them, expresses his thoughts on nature and how to interact with nature. And about the activities and trips so far. Moreover, how can you meet such a beautiful moment in the first place! ? I would like to ask you various questions. I'm sure it's goosebumps.
It will be distributed on Instagram from 16:00 on Sunday, May 9th, so please take a look.

Postscript: You can see the archived video below. Please take a look!

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