JUICY TALK Podcas new episode updated!

JUICY TALK Podcas new episode updated!


Our guest this time is Yoshihisa Shiota from meditations, a record store in Kyoto.

"The world is made by me"

Mr. Ushioda, who runs a record store meditations in Kyoto, collects "music that makes you feel like you really are."

This time, we asked Mr. Ushioda what he wants to convey while running meditations, and tips for living "JUICY" in your life.

I felt that the word "training" that came up in Mr. Ushioda's talk this time was wonderful. The scent permeates the clothes and remains. I felt that if I could create good habits in my daily life, they would surely come out.

“Juicy Talk Podcast,” a cutting-edge health podcast series in which Sunshine Juice representative Nori Kou invites attractive guests who are active in various fields to listen to their stories.

We will deliver content full of hints that will make your daily life a little more juicy on spotify.

Please listen when you are traveling or when you have time. Stay tuned for future episodes.

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