The new episode of "JUICY TALK Podcast by SUNSHINE JUICE" has been updated!

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Today's guest is contemporary artist Takeshi Yasura🌞

"Listen to the words of those who do not have words"

Mr. Yasura, a contemporary artist.

About the work "This ground is still alive" produced at the Reborn-Art Festival held in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, and about the archive exhibition of the work "Seeds only have purpose", and living with "JUICY" in life. I asked for a hint.

The WATARI-UM Museum's exhibition "Seeds only have purpose" is truly wonderful, and as the title of this podcast says, it was a work that allowed us to hear a lot of "words of those who do not have words." I really wanted to visit Ishinomaki as well.

“Juicy Talk Podcast,” a cutting-edge health podcast series in which Sunshine Juice representative Nori Ko invites attractive guests who are active in various fields to listen to their stories.

We will deliver content full of hints that will make your daily life a little more juicy on spotify.

Please listen when you are traveling or when you have time. Stay tuned for future episodes. Please follow the link.

Juicy Talk Podcast

now only in japanese but we would love to have great guest speakers from all over the world!

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