We have a great juice ticket!

We have a great juice ticket!

Sunshine Juice now has great juice tickets!

10 cups of 400ml juice.

A set of 10 tickets costs ¥12,000 (tax included).

Available at Ebisu store and Kyoto store.

*If you purchase a ticket at the Ebisu store, you will receive ¥12,000 worth of points at the time of purchase.

With one ticket, you can enjoy one 400ml bottle of your favorite juice.

Perfect for a one-cup-a-day habit or as a small gift for a friend!

Save up to ¥3,000 compared to purchasing at regular price.

*If your ticket is lost, it cannot be reissued.

*Cannot be used for set menus or 200ml or 1L juices.

We are selling it at our Ebisu store and Kyoto store, so please take advantage of it.

As the seasons change, let's aim for a body that can withstand the weather and fatigue during Juice Week! !

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