"Natural Remedy" is available at the outdoor shop "Sky High Mountain Works" in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture!

Sunshine Juice's "Natural Remedy" is available at the outdoor shop "Sky High Mountain Works" in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture !

We had them actually use it at an outdoor site and experience it. Plant prana on the go, the power of nature that can be easily carried outdoors! Please try.

-------- Below is a quote from "Sky High Mountain Works" Instagram --------

Sunshine Juice
SHMW will handle natural remedies that can be taken in anytime, anywhere by Nori, the first cold-pressed juice specialty store in Japan in Ebisu, Tokyo! ️

Visiting the producers on their own, carefully selecting the ingredients, enjoying the original taste of the vegetables while making the most of their nutrition, and considering the future of the earth and environmental initiatives, our spirits are different from the outdoor industry. is the same. Above all, the word "Sunshine" freaked me out (laughs).

I learned about Nori's concept and thoughts, and this time, I started traversing Rausu on the Shiretoko Peninsula in 15 days, starting with Mt. Meakan, Mt. Tokachi, and Mt. , On a trip to Hokkaido that climbs, I drank trail butter and a bag of this Sunshine Juice's natural recovery BEETS at night every day and experimented on the human body.

Leaving aside the details of the trip, this time I traveled solo, without a car, with a backpack and a completely lightweight minimal backpacker style. In a normal traverse, even if you add it up, it's not that far, about 140km. When I counted it, I set more than 100 rocks and tasks with ease (laughs). I feel like it worked pretty well. I think that there is no immediate effect because it is natural, and there are individual differences, but berries that are picked and eaten in the mountains in the second half of the photo 🫐In the same way, natural things are gentle on the body and mentally recovering. I wonder if it's also connected.

At the Olympics this time, I was moved by the spirit, but this natural recovery recovery BEETS that I developed with Suguru Osako was inspired by seeing Kenyan athletes eating beetroot for a living. It seems that it was developed because it is connected to performance.

Beets are rich in a raw material called nitrate, which is very effective in expanding and improving blood flow. In addition, nitrate has the effect of increasing the carrying capacity of oxygen, so Osako actively takes it after hard training from the viewpoint of recovery.

It's a simple product made by carefully selecting only high-quality domestically produced beets, drying and pulverizing them. Shaking it with the amount of water you like and drinking it is like a vegetable juice, and I think it's good to enjoy the original slight sweetness of beets! Good for other mixed juices and smoothies.

Not only athletes, but also those who want to continue exercising for a long time, and those who feel fatigue and physical strength, while exercising, including post-stretching, these beats, the above-mentioned ZEN NUTRITION, and other natural things should be continued. I think it's very important to take it into your body and improve your immunity and live in the corona period when you can't see the end! The important thing is that you can't just drink these! You don't have to do it hard, so at least you have to do aerobic exercise that activates your cells by sweating. Please try the natural remedy recovery recovery BEETS beats!

BOX with 30 pieces
6,000 yen including tax

one bag unit
350 yen including tax


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