Collaboration craft beer "Ginger Vibes" with Yorokko Beer has been completed!

Collaboration craft beer

Earthy Brew #02 “ Ginger Vibes” completed! !

Collaboration craft beer with Yorokko Beer , the second is Sunshine Juice, which is very popular, ginger, lemon and chili pepper "Rehab Shot" beer.

We squeezed strong ginger that grows at Shimomura Farm in the wonderful nature of Kochi . It's a delicious beer even in the late summer heat.

Following #01, the label was designed by noriteruminezaki .

A refreshing and delicious beer that lets you feel the sun and nature of Kochi.It is limited in quantity, but if you can find it, please try it.

--------The following is a quote from Yorokko Beer Instagram--------

The second collaboration brew with Sunshine Juice is now available in limited quantities!

"Earthy Brew #02 Ginger Vibes"
Collaboration with sunshinejuicetokyo
Label Artwork by noriteruminezaki

The second installment of the three-party collaboration.

This time, it will be a fusion of Sunshine Juice's "Rehab Shot" juice and Peninsula Saison.

Rehab Shot is a lemon-based shot juice blended with ginger and a touch of chili pepper that will surely wake you up.

Sunshine Juice is a long-standing and popular recipe.

Nori-kun, the representative of Sunshine Juice, travels all over Japan and connects with farmers in various places to purchase the best raw materials and manufacture cold-pressed juice.

The star of this juice is, of course, ginger.

Shimomura Farm, located deep in the mountains of Nakatosa-cho, Kochi Prefecture , uses plenty of ginger that has been carefully cultivated without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The beer also has a ginger flavor on the front, making it a beer with a refreshing taste.

We are sorry that the quantity is very small, but you can only purchase it at a limited number of local shops and the Yorokko Beer online store.

The online store will be on sale from noon on September 5th.

There are few sets, so if you are interested, please take care of it early.

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