April 22nd is Earth Day.

April 22nd is Earth Day.

April 22nd is Earth Day. I would like to make the earth happy while doing various activities as much as possible.

At Sunshine Juice, we offer a 50 yen cashback per bottle when you hand it over in a glass bottle, bring your own bottle, or reuse or return the glass bottle.

In addition, with the cooperation of producers from Ome, Tokyo, “the.farmers,” Ichinomiya City, Chiba Prefecture, and “bassed farm” in Hayama, the leftovers are composted, and the compost is used to grow vegetables. , a recycling project "cosmic compost" that uses grown vegetables as juice
Thanks to this activity, the food waste generated from the store is also zero.
Vegetables grown with "cosmic compost" are regularly delivered to the Ebisu store. We will keep you updated on Instagram, etc., so please check it out.

In addition, in collaboration with “Lefts,”, “Wear Sunshine Juice”, which is dyed with squeezed lees, is also available. The natural colors are easy on the eyes, and when you wear it, you can feel the energy of plants from the outside of your body.

New store "Sunshine Juice Wheels" started last year
The world's first attempt at a mobile off-grid juice bar that operates juice machines and blenders using sunlight and runs on filtered waste vegetable oil collected from restaurants and homes around the world! Although the engine stalled in Tokyo the other day! Thanks to you, it's working fine. Please check the account of "sunshinejuice wheels" for the state and schedule of the stall, and for those who wish to collect waste oil.

And above all, we hope that you will be able to feel the power of the earth by delivering 100% natural juice packed with the powerful power of nature to everyone!

Sunshine juice will continue to be available! We would like to be kind to the earth and deliver health to everyone. We appreciate your support.

happy earth day

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