April 22nd is "Earth Day"

April 22nd is

April 22nd is "Earth Day"
If you bring your own bottle or bag on Earth Day, you will get double points!

At Sunshine Juice, there is a 50 yen bottle discount for reusing glass bottles or bringing your own bottle, and a 50 yen cash back for each returned glass bottle.

Thanks to everyone's cooperation, we have been able to return and reuse the glass bottles, so the plastic waste from the store is almost zero! thank you very much!

Then, with the cooperation of both producers, omefarm in Ome, Tokyo and the farmers in Ichinomiya, Chiba, the leftovers are composted (there is no food waste at the store!), and the compost is used to grow and grow vegetables . We are also working on a recycling project called "Cosmic Compost" that uses fresh vegetables as juice . From now on, there will be a lot of materials that take the form of "circulation", so please look forward to it!

The Ebisu store also offers free juice lees! Please put the high-quality vegetable residue in a glass bottle and take it home and arrange it in various ways.

Sunshine Juice will continue to do our best to be kind to the earth and help everyone's health, so please support us!


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