Sunshine juice smoothie has started Introducing "DETOX 2" this time!

Sunshine juice smoothie has started Introducing

Sunshine juice smoothie has started!

More power this year. One drink will satisfy your stomach. It's perfect for times like "I've been eating too much lately" or "I want to eat lightly today".

In addition, you can now choose a smoothie when purchasing Juice Cleanse, so I think it will please those who say, "Until now, juice alone makes me hungry."

A total of 5 types are available in this one bottle, which not only provides vegetable nutrition, but also high-quality oil, and a natural remedy that balances the power of plants. Please choose according to your physical condition! This time, we introduce 《DETOX 2》!

<Contents> Remedy horsetail, kale, spinach, banana, coconut oil, cacao nibs.

This smoothie boosts the "drain" of natural remedies and is loaded with leafy greens. An easy-to-drink detox smoothie with banana, cacao nibs, and coconut oil.

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