Crowdfunding to create the best future has begun!

Crowdfunding to create the best future has begun!

Crowdfunding to create the best future has begun!

Sunshine Juice produces zero food waste at its stores! This is because ome farm in Ome, Tokyo and the farmers in Ichinomiya, Chiba pick up food waste every week, compost it on the farmland, and use it to grow vegetables. Because I'm challenging the "circulation" of making juice with the vegetables.

This time, Ichinomiya's farmer (and surfer) crew, the farmers, who always support us, has started crowdfunding!

In this project, we built a composting station in Surf Town Ichinomiya, and instead of throwing away kitchen waste and burning it, we treat it as a resource and make compost. I am trying to bring you closer.

Crowdfunding details page can fly from the link in the instagram profile.
Everyone, please support us!

Garbage can be reborn into something that gives us a lot of joy and surprises! I would like to support the farmers who are trying to do this in the wonderful environment of Ichinomiya. let's

Thank you for your support.

Sunshine Juice Representative Kounori

-------Quote from the farmers below--------

Our crowdfunding challenge has finally started today!
With the goal of turning Kazusa Ichinomiya, a seaside town full of nature, into a town of recycling-oriented agriculture, first of all, it is a place where local people can bring their vegetable waste.
Make a "compost station"! It's compost!
Bring in the vegetable waste generated in the area and turn it into compost instead of trash.
Return to the soil of the field! Working on recycling agriculture!
I would like to make high-quality compost, make the soil fertile, grow vegetables and fruits, and have the local people eat them again!

It would be great if everyone in the community, friends and family could grow healthy plants from healthy soil and eat them!

The funds collected through this crowdfunding will be used to set up a compost farm and farm equipment that mixes compost.
In addition, we will regenerate the abandoned agricultural land that is no longer used to create an experience-based farm and use it as a nursery for planting fruits that match the season.
There are various rewards, but thanks to the support of our friends who have already composted with us and those who share our sympathy, it is a wonderful reward!
Without your support, this crowdfunding would not have been possible! Thank you very much.

Also, not only financial support but also sharing on SNS will lead to support!
Talk to someone close to you
Even if you just think that the Farmers are working hard
Be our power!

From makuake site
Crowdfunding start! The URL page of the makuake site is published from the profile column of the farmer's top image !
Please take a look! Crowdfunding to create the best future has begun!

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