10/2 (Sun) 12:00-18:00 Cosmic Compost Marche will be held!

10/2 (Sun) 12:00-18:00 Cosmic Compost Marche will be held!

10/2 (Sun) 12:00-18:00 Cosmic Compost Marche

Sunshine juice leftovers, vegetable waste from eatrip, flower waste from the little shop of flowers, coffee waste from Atlantic Coffee Stand, and other food waste from shops are returned to the soil. "Cosmic Compost" of vegetable compost made by fermenting
Producers in the suburbs of Tokyo who are involved in this gathering!

They usually collect garbage from the store, compost it in each field, and the compost grows vegetables again. This time we are selling such vegetables and selling sunshine juice using them. Instead of throwing garbage away, feel the loop of turning around as a resource and becoming a powerful vegetable and enjoying it.

From 16:00, a talk will be held with three producers as guests. Soil, agriculture, circulation. I would love to hear from you.

the Farmers (Ichinomiya, Chiba)
Ome Farm (Ome, Tokyo)
BASSED FARM (Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Juice: Sunshine Juice

Talk: 16:00-17:30
Hosted by: Yuri Nomura , Kounori

Talk is an application system.

Please apply on the eatrip soil website (eatripsoil.com).

cosmic compost logo by Niki Loreke

~Producer Profile~

"the Farmers"
All the members are surfers and part-time farmers. Deepen your understanding of food and cultivate the soil passionately every day. Taking care of the soil, we grow vegetables and fruits that children can eat safely in the seaside town of Kujukuri, Chiba.

"Ome Farm"
An organic farming team operating in Ome, Tokyo. Cultivate native varieties including traditional varieties from Western vegetables. Basically, we produce using seeds that can leave descendants called "fixed seeds", and we are also working on self-seeds.

Centered on Hayama, which is rich in nature, the Miura Peninsula aims for agriculture that will lead to peace in the future while working on the production of pesticide-free and naturally cultivated vegetables.
Seeing the field as a playground, he puts effort into training next-generation farmers and kids' farmers with the motto, "Smiles are also fertilized."


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