Seasonal special juice "Celery Juice" is ready! !

Seasonal special juice

Seasonal special juice "Celery Juice" is ready! !

Rich in water and full of vitamins and minerals, celery juice is great for detoxification, reducing skin inflammation, antioxidants, clearing the stomach and aiding digestion, and more!

Since the raw material is only celery juice, it is very low in sugar and calories, so it is recommended for those who are on a diet.

It is a refreshing and easy-to-drink menu that is recommended for the unstable times of the seasons.

At the online shop, it is on sale as a single item set and a limited time “Spring Detox Cleanse”!

Please try to taste 100% fresh celery juice. Is delicious.

Available for a limited time at the Ebisu store and online shop!

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