Seasonal menu celery juice and spring cleanse is ready!

Seasonal menu celery juice and spring cleanse is ready!

``Celery juice'', a popular menu item at the Ebisu store every year, is now available as frozen juice at the online shop.

This time it's 100% organic celery from Aichi Prefecture!

A slender, brightly colored celery called ``Appare Celery.''

Celery is rich in water and contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and folic acid, so it has a high detox effect and beauty effect, and it is recommended because it can replenish moisture from the inside even during this time of year when you are concerned about dryness.

The effects of celery juice are attracting attention overseas, and I feel that the number of messages about it on social media has increased significantly over the past few years.

Celery's unique scent comes from the aromatic compounds ``apiin'' and ``senelin,'' which are said to have a calming effect on the mind.

In addition to alleviating headaches and tinnitus caused by irritability and stress, it is also said to have the effect of suppressing increases in blood pressure.

Also, this juice is made only from celery, so it's low in sugar and calories.

Each pack (200ml) contains 34kcal and 4.8g of carbohydrates, so even those on a diet or with dietary restrictions will enjoy it.

I'm curious about the taste...

When many people hear the phrase "100% celery juice," they may think it's bitter or difficult to drink.

However, it is much easier to drink than I expected, and has a mellow, milk-like sweetness and refreshing aroma, so even those who don't like green juice should give it a try.

We also sold the spring cleanse set ``Spring Detox Cleanse'' which also includes ``celery juice''!

Spring is the season with the most cyclones.

When atmospheric pressure decreases, the pressure on the body and blood vessels decreases, causing water in the blood to move into cells, which can easily lead to swelling.

This set is made up of highly detoxifying green juices that are effective in relieving those unpleasant spring swellings.

In addition to ``celery juice,'' we have also selected juices that will help you feel refreshed during spring, such as ``Spring Green Juice,'' which uses bellows and plant-based lactic acid bacteria, which help prevent hay fever, and ``Papaya Enzyme,'' made from green papaya, which is rich in enzymes that aid digestion.

Both the 6-bottle celery juice set and the Spring Detox Cleanse are available in limited quantities!

Click here for celery juice

Click here for Spring Detox Cleanse

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