Finally here! "Frozen handmade cashew milk" is ready!

Finally here!

100% natural handmade cashew milk made with only raw cashew nuts, dates, and deep sea water has a gentle sweetness and is easy to drink, so people with milk and dairy allergies can drink it without worry.

Nut milk, which is popular in stores, has many repeat customers, and has many requests for frozen, is finally available as a frozen juice!

Cashew nuts are rich in protein and rich in minerals among nuts. Effective for recovery from fatigue, prevention of anemia, and anti-aging to keep skin and hair beautiful.
It keeps you full, so you can drink it during cleansing or use it as a substitute for protein after exercising.

You can drink it as it is, or you can arrange it by boosting cooking, smoothies, and natural remedies. All-purpose cashew milk can be purchased from the online shop.

In addition, a limited quantity of “Active Cleanse” with cashew milk, which is perfect for those who exercise, is now on sale from the online shop! Please use them together.


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