New flavor for regular daily juice! "Carrot juice" is here!

New flavor for regular daily juice!

A new flavor to the daily juice regular flight that replaces one meal and conditions the body! "Carrot juice" has appeared!

The juice made with plenty of organic carrots is rich in β-carotene. In addition, Jerusalem artichoke powder, which suppresses the absorption of sugar, is blended, making it a refreshing and easy-to-drink juice with the refreshing acidity of lemon.

It's very important to make time during the day when you don't eat solid food!
There are many good things for the body, such as the habit of resting the internal organs, the elimination of waste products from the body, and the deepening of sleep.
Even if you continue intermittent fasting, you can feel the effects of fasting firmly, and the point is that it is easy to continue!

Sunshine Juice's daily juice allows you to easily take in the vitamins and minerals your body needs.
Drink one bottle a day to boost your immunity and keep your body in good shape! Now on sale at the online shop!

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