"Before Summer Lenses", which are recommended before the start of summer, are now on sale at the online shop!

・Tomato gazpacho (tomato/cucumber/lemon/ginger/salt) 200ml x 2 packs
・Refresh beets (apple/beets/maca) 200ml x 3 packs
・Sweet kale (kale/apple/tangerine/chia seed) 200ml x 4 packs

Why don't you take measures against UV rays for the summer and detox well now that the seasons are changing?

The main program is "Tomato Gazpacho", a seasonal juice made with tomatoes, which are rich in fresh water and are said to be "edible sunscreen", and cucumbers rich in potassium, which is excellent for relieving swelling.
In addition, it is a program that combines sweet kale and refreshing beets, a popular and easy-to-drink blend of sunshine juice.

This time of year is the time when it is easy to get tired due to temperature differences and humidity, and it is easy to feel sick, such as feeling heavy. Let's get ready for summer by getting your body in good condition with the perfect before-summer lens to relieve the discomfort of this season.

Available in limited quantities from the online shop, please try it before the summer!

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