"Recommendation of cleansing cold measures in cold season!"

In the summer, it's easy to cleanse without worrying about getting cold even if you drink juice.

Therefore, it is recommended for cleansing against the cold during the cold season! I would like to introduce a hot drink that warms your body when you drink it!

・Plain hot water

By drinking between juices, you can warm up your internal organs and improve blood flow. When the blood flow improves, the detox effect increases and the waste products in the body become easier to discharge. Recommended because the effect of the cleanse is also enhanced! It is recommended to use lukewarm water so that the water is easily absorbed by the body. You can also arrange ginger hot water with a small amount of rubbed ginger and honey, or hot lemon with lemon juice.

・Natural remedy

Sunshine juice popular item! A powder containing condensed plant ingredients that allows you to easily take in natural energy anytime, anywhere. You can feel the effects of each plant directly on your body by dissolving one sachet as you like, such as juice, about 300 ml of water, plain water, warm plant-based milk, soup, etc. increase.

Drinking mushroom "Immune IMMUNITY : Chaga" that is effective in keeping the body's immunity, Eating blood transfusion " Recovery : Beets" that is perfect for fatigue recovery, and "Excretion DETOX : horsetail (New ) ”, Anti-aging effect Before and after drinking alcohol! Four types are on sale, including two new flavors of "Kouhan HANG OVER : Turmeric (New ! ) ". I think that cleansing can be smoother and more effective by choosing your favorite flavor according to your physical condition and desired effect and incorporating it into the cleanse. Please try.

·Herb tea

Naturally derived and caffeine-free, it's perfect to drink during a cleanse. Herbal teas have various effects, but among them, we have picked up several types of herbal teas that are recommended during cleansing, so please refer to them.

《Recommended herbal tea》


<Effects> Cold improvement, sound sleep effect, relaxing effect, sweating action


<Effects> Blood circulation promotion, fatigue recovery, headache improvement


<Effect> Metabolism up, relaxation effect, beautiful skin effect

Events such as Christmas and New Year's will overlap from now on, and even if you want to reset your body, the cold will get in the way! At times like that, take in a hot drink and cleanse your body without cooling it down! Please use it as a reference.

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