What is Cold Pressed Juice? How is it different from commercial vegetable juice? Explanation of effects and benefits

What is Cold Pressed Juice? How is it different from commercial vegetable juice? Explanation of effects and benefits

Sunshine Juice's juice is a very simple juice that is 100 % plant-derived and 100 % natural-derived, and is squeezed using a cold press method, using carefully selected ingredients from all over Japan. This time, we will introduce the benefits and effects of cold-pressed juice, and what is the difference from general vegetable juice about "what is cold-pressed juice?"

What is Cold Pressed Juice

cold press juice

First of all, cold-pressed juice is a juice that squeezes out the moisture of the ingredients by applying a strong pressure (press) while keeping the ingredients raw (cold) without applying heat. This pressing process is very important.

In addition, cold press juice is strictly different from juice called so-called slow juice. Slow juice does not have a pressing process because it is manufactured using centrifugal force to expel moisture from the ingredients. Therefore, it may not be possible to extract enough moisture and nutrients from the material.

Cold-pressed juice is made by applying strong pressure to the ingredients (about 5 tons in the shop's machine!) and squeezing out the moisture contained in the ingredients, without adding any additives or moisture.

cold press juice

Sunshine Juice requires more than 1 kg of materials to make one bottle of cold-pressed juice ( 400ml ). In addition, since it is in a completely liquid state with insoluble fiber separated, it is a great advantage that the body can absorb nutrients efficiently without burdening the internal organs without requiring digestion.


Difference from commercially available vegetable juice

Common vegetable juices sold at retail stores are often heated at high temperatures for long periods of time. For example, even if it is written that "it uses a day's worth of vegetables", it does not mean that it "contains a day's worth of vegetables alive". Concentration reduction is also done by pulverizing the material, mixing it with salt, etc., concentrating it at a high temperature, and then diluting it with water. If it is heated at high temperatures for a long time, the nutrients and ingredients that are sensitive to heat will lose their flavor, so in some cases chemically synthesized nutrients and sugars are added afterwards. In recent years, it has become clear that chemically synthesized vitamins and natural vitamins have completely different functions, but they are rarely introduced in the media.


Benefits of cold press juice

Cold-pressed juice has two main advantages. First of all, you can take in a large amount of live nutrition of vegetables at once. Second, since it is in a liquid state with insoluble fiber separated, it can be ingested efficiently without burdening the body with digestion.

At Sunshine Juice, we want you to drink the real thing, something that really pleases your body. Try to get the power of nature from sunshine juice as regularly as possible. I think the taste, the senses, and the life will change.

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