What is Juicy life?

What is Juicy life?

“Why are you doing Sunshine Juice?” I am often asked.
I always think about the answer, but what I've arrived at so far is "Because I want everyone to live in Juicy."

When your body is in good shape, the rhythm of your life will improve, and your mind will become positive. And I think my relationships with other people will improve.

When I was talking to a friend who had a cold the other day, she said, "It's tough when you don't get over your cold really quickly. I was lamenting.

You can tune yourself by controlling eating, resting, and moving in a good flow.

Those of you who have tried Sunshine Juice may have already felt it, but I have been drinking Sunshine Juice for about eight years now, and every time I drink it, I feel the impact it has on my body. I feel that juice really helps my body from the inside out.

Juice contains only the water contained in naturally grown vegetables and fruits, and it contains living nutrients, and since it enters the body in a liquid state, the absorption efficiency into the body is extremely high. It permeates cells and enters directly into the bloodstream and is carried throughout the body. When you drink juice, you can feel your body making happy voices with a quick and immediate effect, which is different from when you eat something.

If you can create a state in which your body is in good shape, you will inevitably come up with good ideas. I was so happy that I was able to do it, say thank you properly, and that the weather was nice and it felt good. If you can create a state where you can find a lot of such joy in your daily life, and spread it to the people around you and create a spiral, I think the world will become peaceful.

Such a life is a Juicy life that I envision. I'm doing Sunshine Juice in the hope that everyone will be able to spend their time like that, and be healthy and juicy with the power of nature! Let's all go to juicy.

Tabelog Magazine “The ultimate goal is to change the world with juice”

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