Feel the season with vegetables and fruits!

Feel the season with vegetables and fruits!

Has the rainy season gotten longer than it used to?
Was it raining like this squall every year?
that. Was it spring this year? ?
How hot was the summer temperature?

I'm worried whether it's because of global warming or maybe it's because I'm getting older that I have more thoughts like that.
It seems that the sense of the season has become ambiguous.
Recently, thanks to advances in agricultural technology and preservation technology, many vegetables and fruits can be purchased at supermarkets all year round, so the "seasonal" of foodstuffs has also become vague.

Seasonal vegetables and fruits are not only delicious, but they also have many health benefits.
First, it is highly nutritious!
It is known that even the same vegetables have different nutritional values ​​depending on the season.
For example, β-carotene in tomatoes begins to increase around May and peaks in July, when it is about twice as high as in November. (Source: Kagawa Nutrition University)

And there is efficacy that the body wants in the season!
There are many vegetables that are in season in summer, such as cucumbers and okra, that have the effect of cooling the body, and the ingredients called "vegetable alkanoids", which are responsible for the unique bitterness of spring vegetables, are waste products that accumulate when metabolism slows down in winter. There is a detox effect to discharge, and incorporating seasonal things will naturally lead to physical condition.

In Sunshine Juice, the production areas and varieties of vegetables and fruits used for juice change depending on the season.
I use the best quality juice at that time, so I think the taste of the same juice can change quite a bit depending on the season.
Citrus fruits are especially noticeable. The unshu mandarin oranges used in the fall and winter and the evening citrus in the spring and summer are very different in taste and aroma, so I would be happy if you could feel the "season" even in such places.

And every year, we sell seasonal juices that use delicious vegetables and fruits at that time.
This year in March, "Green Beautiful" using green leaves and herbs from Kajitani Farm in Hiroshima

"Allergy blocker" against hay fever using seasonal citrus fruits (late ripe mandarin oranges and dekopon) and green mandarin orange powder in April

"Skin Smoother" with tomatoes and carrots to prevent sunburn and beautify the skin from May

was introduced as a seasonal menu.

I think we will be able to deliver the most popular seasonal menu every year again this year.
It's watermelon juice.
Made with 100% watermelon, it's refreshingly sweet and very drinkable, and it's especially great on a hot day.
It is popular not only for those who are not good at vegetable juice, but also for those who usually drink only stoic green juice.
If Kounori, the representative of Sunshine Juice, drinks 50L of green detoxer a month, I think that 20L of it will be watermelon juice only in summer.

Watermelon has a lot of water and is rich in minerals such as potassium and magnesium, so it is perfect for preventing heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and swelling.
In addition, lycopene, beta-carotene, and vitamin C, which are highly effective for beautiful skin, are actually abundant, so it should not be underestimated.

So far, seasonal juices have been made from pears, persimmons, celery, pineapples, strawberries, and yuzu.
Are there any vegetables or fruits that you would like to drink with juice?
If you have any requests, including "I want to sell again!", please let us know at the store or on SNS.

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