About "petit fasting" which is becoming a hot topic now.


About "Petit fasting" which is becoming a hot topic now!

In recent years, research in the United States has shown that fasting is the secret to staying young and healthy, and that fasting is effective in reducing body weight and body fat, as well as preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

It is important to create a “hunger time” in your daily life.

If you eat three meals a day, your internal organs will have to work without rest, and your internal organs will get tired. When the internal organs get tired, their work slows down, they cannot properly absorb nutrients, and it becomes difficult to discharge waste products. As a result, the intestinal environment deteriorates, the immune system weakens, and it becomes easier to get sick. Therefore, it is important to create “empty time” so that the internal organs can rest, work well, and reset.

So what happens to your body when you create a “hunger time”?

After 10 hours of "fasting time", the glycogen stored in the liver is depleted, and the body begins to break down excess fat in an attempt to turn it into energy. Therefore, the longer the “fasting time” is, the more excess fat in the body will be decomposed and reduced. Visceral fat is easier to lose than subcutaneous fat. It also improves blood flow, which is good for high blood pressure.

Next, the biggest merit of petit fasting, autophagy.

After 16 hours, it is said to begin to regenerate old cells into new ones. This activation of cells is called autophagy. Activating autophagy is the greatest merit of petit fasting! By regenerating new cells, unnecessary waste products are discharged from the body, and diseases such as lifestyle-related diseases are less likely to occur, immunity is increased, and there is also an anti-aging effect on the skin and muscles, and anti-aging can be achieved from within the body. . And you can reset your body.

However, in order to activate autophagy, it is necessary to create a fasting time, that is, a time without food for 16 hours. Without this 16 hours of space time, cells cannot regenerate.

So I would like to tell you how to do a petit fasting without stress!
Make breakfast or dinner a nutritious cold-pressed juice. If you have juice for dinner or breakfast, it's not difficult to create a 16- hour solid-free period in addition to sleeping hours! Cold-pressed juices can absorb nutrients without straining your digestion, and drinking juices can also make you feel fuller. By all means, take in the nutritious Sunshine Juice, create a “hungry time” in your daily life, and feel the changes in your body.

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