Introducing an arrangement recipe using natural remedies! (Beats version)

Introducing an arrangement recipe using natural remedies! (Beats version)

A powder packed with plant ingredients that allows you to easily take in the power of nature anytime, anywhere. You can easily drink it by dissolving it in hot water from topping to cold press juice. This time, I would like to introduce other natural remedy arrangement recipes!

1, Remedy Smoothie Just add frozen banana, vegetable milk and powder and put it in a mixer! Simple smoothie. Just add powder to boost nutrition. It's also good to fill you up, so it's also recommended to replace one meal!

・1 frozen banana ・300ml vegetable milk
・1 package of your favorite natural remedy

1 Put all the ingredients in a mixer. Pour into a cup and serve!

2, Remedy Bowl Perfect for this hot season. A nutritious remedy bowl topped with your favorite fruits and granola! In the summer, people tend to lose their appetite and have an unbalanced diet, but the bowls are full of vitamins and healthy.

◎Base ・1.5 frozen bananas ・3.4 bite-sized frozen pineapples ・150ml coconut water
・1 package of your favorite natural remedy

Your favorite fruits, nuts, superfoods and granola

①Put all the base in a mixer.
② Put ① on a plate, top with your favorite fruits, superfoods, etc. and it's done!

3, Remedy dressing A colorful dressing that adds color to the usual salad and gives you the nutrients of plants!

・3 tbsp olive oil
・2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
・1 tablespoon lemon juice
・Black pepper of your choice ・1 packet of your favorite natural remedy

①Mix all the ingredients well in a blender and make your favorite salad dressing!

4, Borscht-style vegetable soup It's easy if you boil the vegetables and dissolve the powder at the end. Even if you add spices to your liking and add accents ◎

・2 potatoes ・1 carrot ・Half an onion ・Half a bunch of broccoli ・60g soybeans
・2 bags of natural remedy beets

①Soak the soybeans in water overnight.
② Put the soybeans in a pot and boil them with enough water until the beans become soft.
③ Cut all the vegetables, put the vegetables and boiled soybeans in a pot, and add water so that the ingredients are half submerged.
④ Stew until the fillings are soft, put the remedy in it and melt it.
③ Season with salt and pepper to taste.

5, Remedy hummus Topped with remedies on pasted chickpeas to complete a vivid dip! It's delicious to eat with bread or vegetables as a dip. Even if topped with cilantro or red onion ◎

・Chickpeas 100g
・1 tablespoon olive oil
・1 clove of garlic (grated)
・1 tablespoon lemon juice
・2 tablespoons sesame paste
・Water 100ml
・A pinch of salt and pepper ・1 package of natural remedy beets

① Soak chickpeas in water overnight.
② Put chickpeas in a pot and boil them with enough water until the beans are soft.
③ Put the chickpeas in a food processor (mixer) and make a paste with all the ingredients.
④ Finally topped with olive oil and finished.

It's a little bit, but I introduced the arrangement of natural remedies! I would be happy if you could refer to it. Let's make a body without malfunction by incorporating natural remedies in our daily life.
I think there are infinite ways to arrange powder, so if you have any ideas such as using natural remedies like this, or you think you can use them like that, please let me know.

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