"new moon juice club" Make a habit of monthly new moon cleanse and refresh your body and mind.

Community "new moon juice club" to cleanse on the day of the new moon every month

A juice cleanse menu with a special menu made with seasonal ingredients of the month.

Being conscious of the rhythm of the moon, starting a new lunar cycle with a juice cleanse and detoxifying the body will prepare the body as well as the mind.

By using seasonal ingredients every month, you can taste the season and take in high nutrients!

By using seasonal ingredients every month, you can taste the season and take in high nutrients. Seasonal ingredients are not only delicious, but they are also highly nutritious. It is also known that the same vegetable contains different nutritional values ​​depending on the season.

And seasonal things have the efficacy that the body needs in that season. Many summer vegetables, such as cucumbers and okra, have the effect of cooling the body. There is a detox effect to discharge, and incorporating seasonal things will also lead to nature and physical condition.

"new moon juice club" Frozen juice is now on sale!

Only fresh juice was sold at the store, but from this summer, a limited number of frozen juice " new moon juice club" will be sold from the online shop. It is so popular that it sells out quickly. If you are interested, please purchase it as soon as possible. It will be delivered to your home 2.3 days before the new moon.

The "new moon juice club" line chat community has also started!

The ' new moon juice club' line chat community has also started along with the sale of frozen juice . You can share various information with everyone, such as cleansing tips and recommended ways to drink from the Sunshine Juice staff. You can also ask questions directly, so it is recommended. Let's cleanse with everyone and share your impressions and have fun cleansing.

By all means, let's create a cleanse routine for the new moon every month, prepare your body and mind, and start the new moon comfortably!

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