King of vegetables! About kale

King of vegetables! About kale

Kale is a must-have for sunshine juice! It is said to be the king of vegetables because of its high nutritional value!
It contains many nutrients essential to the body, such as calcium, vitamins C and E, dietary fiber, beta-carotene, and lutein.

・Antioxidant with vitamins!
The vitamins contained in kale, including β-carotene, have the highest antioxidant power among green and yellow vegetables! It is said that there is also an anti-aging effect such as prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and skin.
Vitamin C also works to relieve stress, and kale, which is rich in calcium, will reduce the burden on the body caused by stress.

・ Improve the intestinal environment and improve immunity!
Since it is rich in dietary fiber, it regulates the intestinal environment. Let's get your intestines done and increase your immunity.

・For tired eyes!
Lutein is highly effective in maintaining eye health and is said to be good for eye fatigue. If your eyes tend to get tired from smartphones and desk work, please try it.

・It is also effective for sleep!
Melatonin contained in kale is a type of nerve hormone that adjusts the body clock. It is said that by adjusting the rhythm of the body, it is possible to sleep smoothly, and the quality of sleep is also high.

Cold-pressed juice, which is not heated, is the best way for your body to absorb these nutrients smoothly and smoothly!
Please drink high quality juice from Sunshine Juice and experience the power of kale!
The online shop is popular for its daily juice regular plan that uses kale as the main ingredient. We have received comments such as "My skin condition has improved", "I have better bowel movements", and "I feel less tired" after drinking it every day.
For those who want to feel kale more directly, we also recommend the frozen juice "Detox Scale".

Please drink juice every day and use it for your health!

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