About preparation and recovery food before and after cleansing!

About preparation and recovery food before and after cleansing!

One of the most frequently asked questions about Cleanse is about preparation and recovery meals.

By being conscious of the meals before and after, the effect of the cleanse is greatly improved, so I would like you to try it.

If you suddenly start cleansing, your brain will recognize that you are in a state of malnutrition or starvation. As a result of feeling a strong hunger or judging that there is a lack of energy and minerals, it may cause symptoms such as headache, nausea, and abdominal pain. (If you regularly consume a lot of caffeine, withdrawal from caffeine often causes headaches.)

Also, if you suddenly go back to your original diet after the cleanse, not only will it put a heavy burden on your digestive system, but it will also cause rebound as a lot of nutrients enter the state of your internal organs that have been rested and absorbed. Become.

It is recommended to create a “preparation period” and a “recovery period” that are the same number of days as the cleanse before and after the cleanse.

(1) Gradually change the amount of meals (reduce during the preparation period and return to normal during the recovery period)
(2) Try to eat foods that are easy to digest and provide high-quality nutrition
(3) Avoid caffeine, stimulants, alcohol and supplements.

By keeping these three things in mind and doing a cleanse without putting a burden on your body, you will be able to feel the effect and prevent various discomforts during the cleanse, making it easier to incorporate it into your habit.

Sunshine Juice recommends the soups and curries sold at the online shop and Ebisu store as preparation and recovery foods.
A 100% plant-based vegan soup and vegan curry made with plenty of high-quality domestic vegetables.
Since we use plenty of carefully selected domestic vegetables, you can take in the functional ingredients phytochemicals and insoluble dietary fiber, which are abundant in the skin and roots of vegetables, while reducing the burden of digestion on your body.
If you stock it in the freezer, you can warm it up and enjoy it whenever you want.

Introducing the menu.

pumpkin ginger miso soup

(1 pack 92.5 kcal / protein content 2.5 g)

tomato lentil soup

(1 pack 180kcal / protein content 7.25g)

seaweed sesame lotus root soup

(1 pack 122kcal / protein content 4g)

beetroot and coconut curry

(1 pack 230kcal / protein content 4.75g)

Kale and chickpea curry

(1 pack 220kcal / protein content 5.75g)

Please try the delicious soups and curries that make you look forward to the meals before and after the cleanse, and the soups and curries that can help your internal organs while taking good nutrition.

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