Learn more about the effects, methods, and precautions of the juice cleanse!

Learn more about the effects, methods, and precautions of the juice cleanse!

There are many people who want to try a juice cleanse but don't know how to do it, are worried about it because it looks painful, and don't have the time.

Effect of juice cleanse

There are various purposes of juice cleanse, such as wanting to lose weight, wanting to improve before a health checkup, and wanting to cleanse the skin, but in common, "resting the digestive system" leads to the effect of juice cleanse.
It is said that humans use as much energy as running a full marathon to digest three meals a day. If this continues every day, you will feel tired and lethargic. Furthermore, if there is something that cannot be digested, it will be accumulated as waste in the internal organs. As a result, it develops into various diseases such as rough skin, lack of sleep, and if it gets worse, it is important to give your digestive system a good rest with a cleanse and reset it regularly.

How to take a juice cleanse

When you hear the words “cleansing” and “fasting”, many people think that “I have to endure hunger without eating solid food for a long time”, but there are various ways to incorporate it.
It is easy to feel the effect if you concentrate on cleansing for 1 to 3 days, but even if you think that it is a high hurdle, you can feel the effect sufficiently by making a habit of cleansing for half a day or one meal.

・Recommended for those who want a thorough cleanse for the day

→ Various types of cleanse (Rainbow, Sunshine, Beauty, Green, Detox, Deep), regular cleanse service Regular cleanse service, which delivers a menu that matches the season once a month, is recommended because it makes it easier to make a monthly 1-day cleanse a habit.

・Recommended for those who want to cleanse more firmly over 2 days on weekends

→Weekend cleanse (juice, soup, curry for 2 days of gastrointestinal rest)
*If you want to cleanse for more than 3 days, please purchase a combination of courses according to your schedule.

・Recommended for those who want to cleanse regularly without feeling hungry by continuing to replace one meal.

→ DJ regular flight You can make time to rest your stomach and intestines by replacing breakfast and dinner with one meal DJ.

・ Recommended for those who want to cleanse according to their schedule, such as half a day or replacing one meal

→Various types of cleanse, set of 6 individual juices You can stock your favorite juice in the freezer and adjust the number according to your schedule for cleansing.
Also, at the Ebisu store, the staff will guide you according to the period and your request, such as 1-day cleanse, half-day cleanse, and reset yesterday day set, so please feel free to contact us.

What to watch out for when cleansing

To make the juice cleanse more effective, there are a few things to keep in mind before, during and after the cleanse.

・Be conscious of preparation meals and recovery meals ・Drink juice about every two hours, and drink the same amount of water as the juice at other times to wash away waste products in the body (when the body is cold) If you are concerned about it, we recommend non-caffeinated liquids such as hot water, herb tea, or sunshine juice chaga.)
・Refrain from taking stimulating substances such as caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco. ・Try to spend as much time as possible and deliberately create time to lie down or sit. ・Avoid strenuous exercise, walking, stretching, Keep it light, such as light yoga

Let's make time to rest your internal organs once in a while, according to your lifestyle and schedule.

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