"Fasting theory: Why fasting with juice is good for the body."

Why is fasting while drinking cold-pressed juice good for the body? The way our bodies work and feel, the energy that real plant power packed juices bring to our bodies.

In our daily lives, we eat and drink a lot of things, and our internal organs digest them and take energy into our bodies. The body uses a huge amount of energy for digestion every day, and that amount is enough to run a full marathon every day, and it is used "only" to digest what you eat. This is why you feel sleepy after eating a full meal.

It is possible to detox by resting this "digestion" that takes a huge amount of energy. By fasting while drinking only juice, you can take in excellent nutrition from vegetables and fruits, while avoiding processed foods and cooked foods that easily oxidize your body, animal proteins that put a burden on digestion, caffeine and alcohol. You can have a period where you don't eat what you normally eat, such as strongly stimulating foods.

The human body is not built with the physiological structure to properly digest chemically processed foods and large amounts of animal protein. So, if you eat a lot of these foods every day, the excess will accumulate in your body as waste products. Waste products are extremely oxidizing in the body. Oxidation in the body causes aging phenomena (increase in wrinkles and spots), susceptibility to illness, and decreased immunity.

Keeping the body alkaline is the basis of a healthy diet. As people live, they oxidize more and more (aging), so it is important to continue to take foods that consciously bring the pH balance to alkaline. The most popular foods that make the body alkaline are vegetables and fruits.

A regular juice cleanse will give your digestion a break, tap into your body's natural healing abilities, boost your ability to flush out toxins, detoxify and your body's natural healing abilities, while consuming highly alkaline vegetables and It is important to drink the fruit in liquid form to make the pH of the body, which tends to be acidic, as alkaline as possible.

Real juice is full of plant power.
Plants have existed long before humans existed and have healed humans in many ways. I think that the act of allowing us humans to take such living nutrition is an act that surely adjusts the state of the body to the "state of nature". The state of nature, the state of original health. Please try fasting with real juice, a natural awakening drink.

You can read Sunshine Juice representative Kounori's "note." which is written in more detail, so please read it when you have time!

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