This time, we changed the material of the juice bottle from plastic to glass!

This time, we changed the material of the juice bottle from plastic to glass!
This time, we changed the material of the juice bottle from plastic to glass!

These days, plastic shopping bags are charged, straws in cafes are made of paper, and "reducing plastic waste" is completely everyday, even if you are not a so-called "conscious person".
I added an eco-friendly bag to my list of items to check for lost items, and when I bought a new storage container, I decided to choose a glass one.
- I understand that it's an environmentally friendly measure, but do you really know what's wrong with plastic waste?

I don't know what I know, so let's set aside what's different.
Today, I would like to explain the plastic waste problem that I investigated as simply as possible. (If you think you already know that, I would be happy if you could watch over me quietly.)

(1) Marine plastic problem 8 million tons of plastics are flowing into the sea every year! (In the first place, why is plastic flowing into the sea? Why is someone going to throw it into the sea? I thought, but the garbage that fell on the roadside along with the rain flows from the gutter to the river and then to the sea. It seems that there are many.)
Moreover, since plastic does not decompose, it may continue to accumulate semi-permanently, and at this rate, plastic will exceed the weight of all fish in the sea by 2050.
It seems that there is concern that fish may eat this plastic and accumulate it in our bodies through the food chain.
It seems that research is still in progress and it is not known specifically what kind of health damage this will lead to, but in the first place, microplastics (plastics that have washed up in the sea and become finer than 5 mm due to the force of waves and ultraviolet rays) It is known that it has the property of easily adsorbing harmful substances in seawater, so it is said to be harmful to the human body.

Conclusion! !
Since it is impossible to get rid of the plastic that has entered the body and the microplastics in the sea, it is important for the health of the sea, fish, and humans not to produce any more plastic material waste in the previous stage.

(2) Climate change problem There are various types of plastics, but all of them are made from petroleum, so carbon dioxide is generated both during manufacturing and disposal (incineration).
Carbon dioxide is a type of greenhouse gas that traps heat from the sun and warms the surface of the earth. .
Recently, it has been found that greenhouse gases such as methane are generated when plastic is exposed to seawater and sunlight during the degradation process.
Also, more than half of plastic recycling is a method called "thermal recycling" that uses the heat generated when it is burned as a resource (it can be reused, but carbon dioxide is generated).

Conclusion! !
In order to stop global warming even a little, it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
I want to choose a different material so as not to increase the production and disposal of plastic.

Recently, a customer asked me, "Why are bottles still made of plastic, even though the bags and straws have changed?"
"If I bring a bottle, can I reuse it?" (It was not possible for hygiene reasons.)
I had a lot of voices.
・The main reasons were that it was too heavy and that we had to raise the price. I decided to change it.
・Sorry for the heavy weight. Can you think of it as a little muscle training?
・The price remains the same.
・ If you bring your own bottle, you can purchase juice at a 50 yen discount. (The same is true for other tumblers and water bottles as before.)
・We will pick up bottles that are no longer needed. (There is 50 yen cash back)

It may be difficult to live without producing any plastic waste.
On the day of the plastic garbage collection once a week, I am terrified to think, "Is this really being used?"
For the time being, we hope that reducing the amount of plastic waste in your home to the amount of Sunshine Juice bottles will lead to health and peace of mind.

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