What are the effects of juice cleanse? Detox? lose weight? The real benefit is not the diet! ?

What are the effects of juice cleanse? Detox? lose weight? The real benefit is not the diet! ?

Sunshine Juice's popular product "Juice Cleanse". Some people use cleanse for dieting to lose weight, but the real benefits of cleanse are not the only ones. This time we will introduce you to the real benefits you can get with cleanse.


Benefit 1: Detox

Cleansing is done to reset the waste products that have accumulated in the body. The human body has the ability to reset properly. However, if the internal organs are exhausted by eating and digesting them every day, their function will decline. If the internal organs can rest, the internal organs will begin to discharge the waste products that have accumulated in the body. This is the so-called detox. A cleanse can be described as a detox in the body.


Benefit 2: You can know the amount your body needs

Have you ever forced yourself to eat even though you have no appetite? Food is meant to provide your body with the nutrients it needs. Eating food that your body doesn't need can harm your body. By returning your body's functions to normal with a cleanse and paying attention to your diet, you will be able to know the amount your body originally needs, and you will be able to improve your lifestyle in a healthy way.


Benefit 3: Keep your immune system strong

Good bacteria and bad bacteria maintain a balance in the intestines, but if a large amount of food is constantly carried into the intestines, the intestines will continue to work and fatigue will accumulate, making it impossible to function normally. As a result, undigested food accumulates in the body, and bad bacteria decompose it, increasing harmful substances in the intestine, causing diarrhea, constipation, rough skin, obesity, and the risk of various diseases. It is said that more than half of the immune cells are gathered in the intestine. It is important to improve the intestinal environment to strengthen the immune system. Make time to not put food in your stomach with a cleanse to give your intestines a rest and prepare your intestinal environment.


Benefit 4: Cells are reborn

When you stop eating and protein does not enter the body, the body collects and decomposes the old protein in the body and tries to make new protein. When the old cells are reborn, the waste products in the body will be discharged, and the new cells will normalize their functions and keep viruses and bacteria away. It takes 16 hours for cells to regenerate. By not eating for 16 hours or more with a cleanse, your body will be cleaned and your cells will be reborn.


Since the cleanse stops eating for a certain period of time, it inevitably leads to weight loss, which leads to dieting and weight loss. However, the real purpose is not to diet or lose weight, but to change the science of the body with cleansing and to adjust the eating habits and lifestyle habits after that. Please make good use of cleanse to spend your daily life more comfortably.

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