[Available for purchase by mail order! ] Introducing recommended cold press juice!

[Available for purchase by mail order! ] Introducing recommended cold press juice!
Sunshine Juice has frozen cold-pressed juice that can be purchased online.
Since it is a mail order, it can be delivered anywhere in the country, and since it is frozen, you can stock up and drink the juice whenever you like, so it is recommended.
This time
"I want to try cold-pressed juice, but I don't know how it tastes."
"I want to know which juice uses what material and what kind of effect it has."
For those who say, I would like to introduce the characteristics of each frozen juice!

Detox Scale (Kale/Lemon)

detox scale
Super detox juice made with domestic pesticide-free kale. You can feel the effect of kale directly. It has a punchy taste, but I want to detox anyway! Recommended for those who are stoic, such as restricting sugar.

Sweet kale (kale, apple, mandarin orange, chia seed)

sweet kale
Easy-to-drink green juice with the sweetness of fruit. It also contains chia seeds, a superfood, so it has a filling effect. Recommended for those who want to maintain their health and beauty while eating a good balance of vegetables and fruits.

Refreshing beets (apple, beets, maca)

refresh beats
Recovery juice using miraculous vegetable beets. Full of nutrients such as recovery from fatigue, prevention of anemia, and skin beautifying effects. The sweetness of the apple makes it easy to drink, and the superfood maca is topped for a nourishing and tonic effect. Recommended for those who play sports and those who can't get rid of their fatigue.

Sunshine Aid (Pear, Ginger, Lemon, Kabosu, Baobab)

sunshine aid
Juice with a refreshing aftertaste that contains plenty of vitamins and citric acid, using pears from Fukuoka Prefecture. The superfood baobab is effective for beauty such as aging care. By the way, don't worry, baobabs don't have a bad taste.
Recommended for people with weak stomachs, loss of appetite, and when they start to catch a cold.

Daily juice (kale, apple, lemon, moringa)

daily juice
Make a habit of replacing juice with one meal a day! Nutritionally balanced juice made for The sweetness of the apple makes it easy to drink and you won't get tired of it even if you drink it every day. There are also regular flights available. Recommended for those who want to drink continuously without stress every day.

All the juices introduced above can be purchased at the online shop! From single item sets to cleansing that combines several types of juice, you can purchase according to your preference.
In addition, there are various menus, such as a recommended menu for Sunshine Juice that matches the season, and a cleanse regular service.

When you drink it, you can defrost it in cold water or the refrigerator in advance and drink it.
Also, after thawing, you can store it in the refrigerator for 10 days.

Incorporate sunshine juice into your daily life and create a healthy body!

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