5 effective ways to do a juice cleanse

5 effective ways to do a juice cleanse

Sunshine Juice's popular product "Juice Cleanse". I know the effects and benefits, but how is it effective to drink? I am often asked. This time, I will introduce how to drink cleanse.


How to drink 1 : Don't worry about the order of drinking juice, let's spend it comfortably

During your cleanse, stick to cold-pressed juices and vegan soups or curries, no solids, no caffeine or alcohol. Also, make sure to take the same amount of water as the juice. If you are concerned about the cold, it would be a good idea to drink hot water or caffeine-free herbal tea. In addition, it is not necessary to stick to the order of drinking juice. The schedule suggested by Sunshine Juice is only a guideline. During the cleanse, it is important to rest your internal organs without solids, and to take in nutrition with juice, so please drink in your preferred order according to your life schedule and physical condition.


How to drink 2 : Preparing meals from the day before is important

When doing a cleanse, it is more effective to prepare from the day before the cleanse. This is because if you eat well on a daily basis and suddenly fast with a cleanse, your body may be surprised. So, from the day before, it's a good idea to try to incorporate natural foods that put less strain on your body, such as smoothies, salads, raw foods, and porridge with a lot of water, so that your body gets used to it gradually.


How to drink 3 : Recovery food from the next day is also important

Also, how you spend your time after cleansing is important to make the cleansing effect deeper. It is rare for people to suddenly go back to their normal diet after cleansing, but we do not recommend doing so. I still want to keep away from excess animal protein and additives that I was able to get away from during the cleanse, and the cleanse has made my stomach the size it should be. Therefore, it is best to avoid injecting large amounts of food into your body after a cleanse. As with preparatory meals, smoothies, salads, raw foods, and watery porridges are ideal for gradually restoring the body.


How to drink 4 : Take in once a month

It is recommended that cleansing be done regularly rather than just once. Sunshine Juice recommends a one- day cleanse once a month, or a half-day cleanse every two weeks if the schedule is difficult. If you eat a normal diet, your internal organs will continue to work every day without rest. It is important to give your stomach and intestines a rest in the same way that people who drink alcohol have liver rest days.

A cleanse is what gives our bodies a break and gives us a sense of purpose in our lives. If you don't force yourself to do it, but if you make it a habit by incorporating it naturally, you will be able to spend every day in good health.

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