How Sunshine Juice was made, and from now on. (2)

How Sunshine Juice was made, and from now on. (2)
- Opened the first store

After visiting such farmers, we opened a store in Ebisu in January 2014.

I set up two home-use juicers, delivered all the vegetables to the store, and started squeezing the juice in the morning. At that time, few people knew about cold-pressed juice, and we were grateful for the customers who came to our store. Fortunately, I was able to receive support from many people, and I was able to let the world know about it. I'm really happy to have a customer who gives me.

However, if it's a home juicer, it's completely over capacity and the store is flat. Even if you squeeze juice until midnight every day, you won't make it in time. There's no place to store vegetables, so the store will look like a greengrocer. It was days like that, but when I think about it now, it was a happy scream. We decided that this was no longer possible, so we installed a large juicer for business use, which increased the amount of juice produced and calmed down the store. Around this time, cold-pressed juice became a "trend" and was featured on TV and in magazines, and many juice shops began to open. and became popular on social media.

-The days when I danced in the wave of trends and after that

After completely dancing in the wave of such trends, we opened stores in various places. It was a stall at a very early pace. I had never experienced anything like that, but I had the momentum to say, "I'm going to open a store anyway!" I felt like I had to do it, so I searched for a place to open a store, searched for staff to help me, secured a larger amount of vegetables that I had to purchase, and controlled distribution.

At that time, I believed that if this juice, priced at more than 1,000 yen per cup, was distributed in many stores and in various places, it would be a world that would be more useful for people's health! The rents and sizes of the shops that we operate vary (or rather, they're messed up), and when I think about it now, many of them were big failures, but anyway, I rushed forward.

However, the trend waved very quickly, and as time went on, store sales began to drop. However, we were thorough in our commitment to "never compromise the quality of the products we offer" and "to make the juice that we want to drink every day". I was saved even though I was there. While continuing to go to farmers regularly to find and purchase high-quality vegetables, the unprofitable shops will be closed, the staff who helped them will quit, sales will drop, and so on. day to day. But even if it's dark and negative, when I drink sunshine juice, my cells are happy and the scenery I see brightens, and that feeling doesn't change. Every day, I drink juice that is fully open to nature, take time to move my body even a little, visit farmers regularly, communicate with nature, and control my life. It's a day to thank everyone who has supported me from the bottom of my heart.

-I think Real Juice is the best. Aim for world peace.

I still think "juice is amazing".

The benefits of drinking juice are, of course, "lose weight" and "beautify", but I've said it many times, but I truly believe that the real benefit is "the world will become more peaceful." (It's a little embarrassing, but..) Sunshine juice has an immediate effect, and you can enjoy the same feeling that I had when I drank juice in NY. It's because it's a juice that has been squeezed and bottled without human intervention as much as possible with the power of the plant in nature. When your body is in good shape, the rhythm of your life will also improve. For example, the morning sun looks more beautiful on a day when you wake up refreshed than when you have a hangover and lack of sleep. On days like that, you can naturally exchange greetings with other people outside, and everyone can spend the day comfortably with just one word. When your body is in good shape, your mind will also be positive.

If each person's small comforts are chained, positive communication between people will be born, and eventually the world will be better and more peaceful.

I believe that sunshine juice has that kind of power, so I'd like to drink a lot of juice today, bathe in the sun and stay positive.

Thank you for reading this long article.

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