"The Ebisu store also sells wonderful products from all over the country!"

The Sunshine Juice Ebisu store has sales corners for products from all over the country besides juice. New products are arriving one after another, so I would like to introduce the product sales this time!

・Original blend “Sujocha” from the natural food store “Onmyodo” in Zushi

It is a caffeine-free tea mixed with herbs, fruits, stems, etc., which are said to have medicinal properties such as Hatomugi and Dokudami, and is all made in Japan. It is a fragrant tea with no peculiar taste.

As it is said to have medicinal properties, it is a tea with many benefits such as adjusting the condition of the stomach and intestines, enhancing immunity, and eliminating swelling.

"pearl+" incense using natural materials

The incense produced in collaboration with Kyoto Yamadamatsu Incense is a “purifying incense” with the theme of calming and purifying the mind. It is a fragrant incense using natural fragrances and essential oils, mainly patchouli, fennel, and vetiver.

・ From Kochi Prefecture, Kurumi Arimoto, a cooking researcher's brand "45epices" seasoning "Alyssa"

Alyssa is a Moroccan spicy condiment made with chilies, garlic, and various spices and herbs. It is a versatile seasoning that goes well with a variety of dishes, such as dipping soups and vegetables.

I would like to introduce you to the products that have arrived recently. There are many other products, so please take a look at other products when you visit the Ebisu store.

Basically, we meet with all manufacturers and sellers, and we only sell products that we think are "wonderful!" Recommended for souvenirs and gifts.

We are planning to incorporate various things from all over the country in the future, so please look forward to it.

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