Introducing menus and services that can only be purchased at the Ebisu store, as well as recommended product sales corners!

Introducing menus and services that can only be purchased at the Ebisu store, as well as recommended product sales corners!

This time, I will introduce the Ebisu branch of Sunshine Juice.
There will be plenty of menus and services that can only be purchased at the store, as well as recommended product sales corners!

[Menu that can only be purchased at the Ebisu store]
①Fresh juice Freshly squeezed, unheated fresh juice is available only at the Ebisu store.
In addition to the standard green juice and beet juice, we also recommend the almond milk and seasonal juices squeezed at the store!

②Juice Salad A juice salad in which you can enjoy the nutrients of raw vegetables while their cell walls have been destroyed (which greatly increases the rate of nutrient absorption).
Since it contains apples, it is much easier to eat than you might imagine, so it is a menu item that you should definitely try.
The nuts are on top, so it's filling, and we also recommend toppings such as passion fruit, cacao nibs, and tahini (raw sesame paste).
¥1,090/R (regular) ¥850/H (half)

③Reset Yesterday Set This is a popular menu item on ubereats, but surprisingly many people don't know about it.
1 shot and 2 juices of your choice.
The day after you eat a little too much, or when you have a heavy stomach, try a simple petit cleanse.
We recommend a combination of Rehab Shot, Green Detoxer, and Heartbeat.
While detoxifying, your metabolism will rise and you will feel refreshed.

* All menu items ①②③ can also be handled by Uber Eats.

Click here for Uber Eats

[Points and discount services]
① Only stores can accumulate points and exchange them for benefits!
And there is no need for troublesome registration or bulky cards.
You can earn points just by entering your phone number into the terminal at the store every time you visit.
1 point for every 100 yen, and double the points on rainy days (1 point for every 50 yen).
Benefits that can be exchanged for accumulated points ・500 points → favorite juice ・800 points → half cleanse / 10 bags of natural remedies ・1000 points → 1day cleanse You can also choose frozen products.

②Cleanse group discount
10% off if you purchase cleanse for 2 or more people.
There are many voices saying, "I enjoyed it more than usual when I cleansed while reporting the progress with my family and friends," so please try it.

③Cleanse preparation recovery meal discount Cleanse will be more effective if you are aware of the meals before and after.
It is ideal to have “preparation meals and recovery meals for the same number of days as the cleanse”, but in the case of a one-day cleanse, even just one meal before and after will make a big difference.
10% off when you purchase 2 soups, curries, smoothies or salads with 1day cleanse.
*Smoothies and salads do not keep for a long time, so please enjoy them as preparation meals.

④ Discounts on bottles and bags From this year, the bottles have changed to glass bottles, and you can get a cash bag of 50 yen per bottle when you return it at the store.
If you bring your own bottle, such as a tumbler or water bottle, the juice will be 50 yen off, so please cooperate.
*We do not accept plastic bottles that cannot be reused, such as used plastic bottles.
Also, if you bring a cold bag for the 1-day cleanse, you will get a 50 yen discount, so please bring it with you when you purchase the cleanse.

[Recommended product sales]
The shelf next to the cashier at the Ebisu store is a product sales corner with popular tamari soy sauce-flavored raw nuts (almonds ¥780/cashew nuts ¥720), granola, and other recommended items.

The current recommended product is ①soapheads ¥1,520
It is a soap that aims to be a healing soap that can be used by everyone, with less burden on the body, mind and the earth.
The base is made of olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, rice bran oil, castor oil and essential oils based on aromatherapy.
Of course, we also use natural coloring.
Not only is it made of good quality material, but it also has the best scent and comfort!
I think that you can find your favorite one because there are types.

② Ginger syrup ¥1,620
Spicy and slightly sweet ginger syrup from Shimomura Farm in Onomi, Nakatosa Town, Kochi Prefecture.
A simple syrup of ginger sugar and yuzu that does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides is very delicious whether you put it in a latte or mix it with soda.

③cbd oil ¥19,800
CBD oil has become more common these days, but the quality varies depending on the extraction method and ingredients.
The cbd oil sold at the Ebisu store is "NUMUN NATURALS" additive-free, organic, THC-free, safe and high quality.
Effective for chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and stress! Relax Anywhere Anytime

Basically, we meet with all manufacturers and sellers, and we only sell products that we think are wonderful, so please try them.
It is also recommended as a souvenir or gift.
We are planning to incorporate various things from all over the country in the future, so please look forward to it.

We introduced menus and services exclusive to the Ebisu store.
We look forward to your visit!

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