What is Cold Pressed Juice? How is it different from a smoothie? Explanation of effects and benefits

What is Cold Pressed Juice? How is it different from a smoothie? Explanation of effects and benefits

100 % plant-derived, 100 % natural-derived cold-pressed sunshine juice made with carefully selected ingredients from all over Japan. This time, I will introduce you to the frequently asked "difference between cold press juice and smoothie".


Benefits of cold pressed juice

What is Cold Press

Cold-pressed juice is a type of juice that is made by squeezing out the water content of raw materials (cold) without applying heat and applying strong pressure (press). The major feature is that it is possible to take in a large amount of living nutrients at once because it is made only with the water of the material, and by pressing it, the insoluble fiber can be separated and taken into the body in a completely liquid state. If there is insoluble fiber, the body needs the internal organs to work to digest it, but since it is in a liquid state, it can be ingested directly and efficiently without burdening the body with digestion.

cold press manufacturing process


Benefits of smoothies

Smoothies are made by mashing fresh fruits and vegetables with water and milk in a juicer. Since the whole material is used, it is possible to take in abundant dietary fiber including insoluble fiber. Since it contains insoluble fiber, the body uses energy for digestion in the same way as when eating solid food. increase. In addition, it is often flavored with water, milk, honey, etc., and it can be made at home, so it is easy for anyone to drink and take.


Use cold-pressed juices and smoothies effectively

The biggest difference between cold-pressed juices and smoothies is the presence of insoluble fiber. Cold-pressed juice is recommended when you are tired, when you feel tired in the stomach and intestines, or when you want to eliminate the lack of vegetables. You can efficiently take in the nutrition of a large amount of vegetables while resting your body. On the other hand, smoothies are recommended if you want to take a lot of fiber and feel healthy and satisfied easily. Cold-pressed juice and smoothie, please use properly according to your lifestyle.

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