It is also effective for replacement diet! ? How to incorporate cold press juice!

It is also effective for replacement diet! ? How to incorporate cold press juice!

How do you incorporate cold press juice into your life?

This time, I would like to introduce some recommended ways to incorporate juice!

1. When the body and stomach are tired

Cold-pressed juice is a juice made by applying strong pressure to squeeze out the moisture contained in the ingredients without applying heat to the ingredients. Therefore, since the insoluble fiber has been removed, the liquid is smooth and the body can absorb the nutrients as they are without burdening digestion. Please drink and recover.

2, Eliminate shortage of vegetables

One bottle of Sunshine Juice contains about 1-1.5 kg of water and nutrients from vegetables and fruits. The moment you drink it, you should be able to feel the nutrients permeating your body.

3, juice cleanse

It is said that a person uses energy equivalent to running a full marathon to digest three meals a day. Of course, if this continues every day, fatigue will accumulate in the internal organs, and you will feel tired and sluggish. Furthermore, if there is something that cannot be digested, it will be accumulated as waste in the internal organs. As a result, symptoms such as rough skin and lack of sleep appear.

By performing a juice cleanse while drinking cold-pressed juice, you can give your internal organs a rest while taking the minimum amount of energy your body needs, and you can cleanse and reset your body with natural energy.

Unlike normal fasting, you can detox while reducing the burden on your body as you take in the nutrients of vegetables and fruits.

4, 1 meal replacement

Because you ate too much the day before, or because you have a dinner party at night, replacing one meal with juice and adjusting the amount of food you eat in a day will help you keep in shape. In addition, by making time for hunger even a little, the body can be reset and the condition of the body can be adjusted.

Sunshine juice has a product called "Daily Juice" that changes your body by drinking it every day, so it is important to replace it with juice and rest your internal organs. Hunger is the best medicine! It is also said.

I have written in detail on the past blog, Daily Juice page, so please read it as well.


I would be happy if you could incorporate juice into your lifestyle, gradually improve your diet and lifestyle, and use cold-pressed juice to build a healthy body every day.

If you have any questions about how to do it, please ask. Stay juicy!!!!!

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