Would you like to do a cleanse during the New Year holidays?

Would you like to do a cleanse during the New Year holidays?

It's already the end of the year.

From mid-December, many people tend to have more fun plans than usual, such as Christmas, year-end parties, "I just wanted to get together within the year", New Year's parties, etc., and tend to binge drink and binge.

During the year-end and New Year party season, why not consciously make time to rest and reset your internal organs?

This year, we have prepared two special sets that allow you to do a "cleanse that replaces all your meals for the day"!

For those who want to thoroughly detox, we recommend the [Year-end and New Year Detox Set (Juice)].

The set includes nine frozen cold-pressed juices, including the popular cashew milk and four types of easy-to-drink fruit-based juices.

Papaya helps with digestion, pear is effective for improving edema, fragrant basil has a relaxing effect, beets help relieve fatigue and improve blood flow, and kale has an excellent detox effect.It is packed with nutrients from vegetables and fruits that help reduce hunger. We have selected a wide variety of juices so that you can enjoy the taste without getting tired of it.

I think even people who don't usually do cleanses can try it without stress.

If you want to detox in a relaxing way without feeling cold, we recommend the [New Year's Detox Set (Juice & Soup)].

This set includes 5 types of easy-to-drink frozen cold-pressed juices and 2 types of soup.

By replacing your meals with soup in the morning and evening when the temperature is low, and with juice during the day, you can cleanse without feeling cold.

All soups are vegan and made with plant-based ingredients, so you can enjoy them without putting a strain on your digestion, and they are also recommended for those who are worried about feeling hungry during a cleanse.

Both are special menus available for the year-end and New Year holidays in 2023.

We chose the juice with an emphasis on ease of drinking, so it is also recommended for first-time cleansers.

[How to proceed with a one-day cleanse]

・First of all, transfer all juices and soups for the day to the refrigerator in the morning of the day before and thaw them, so that you can proceed smoothly on the day.
(If you can't finish it the next day, it will last for 10 days if kept refrigerated if unopened.)

・Don't eat all the food the day before, and from the evening onwards, choose something that won't put a strain on your digestion, such as soup or porridge. Please refrain from alcohol.

・On the morning of your cleanse, first enjoy some hot water or decaffeinated herbal tea.
(From now on, please drink hot drinks frequently between juices, keeping the same amount of water as the juice.)

・Please enjoy juice or soup every 1.5 to 2 hours.
(There is no set order, so please go in the order you like!)

-If you feel hungry, take a deep breath.

・Avoid strenuous exercise during the cleanse and try to relax as much as possible.
(Light stretching, yoga, walking, etc. are also recommended while cleansing)

・Please enjoy the last juice (soup) about 2 hours before bedtime.

・We recommend taking a relaxing soak in the bathtub and going to bed early. You should be able to sleep well.

・Start your day with hot water or herbal tea the next morning.

- Instead of eating your normal meals in the morning, try choosing a menu with the mindset of starting with foods that won't put a strain on your digestion and slowly reintroducing your diet over the course of the day.

At the end of a year, at the beginning again.
Try resting your internal organs, resetting them, and feeling your body become lighter.

The New Year's holiday detox set is limited in quantity and will end once sold out, so get yours early!
Other cleanse sets are also available at various online shops.

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