The reason why we recommend cold press juice to solve the shortage of vegetables!

The reason why we recommend cold press juice to solve the shortage of vegetables!

There are so many customers who use Sunshine Juice for the purpose of solving the shortage of vegetables.
It's quite difficult to find the freshest vegetables and fruits possible, in various types and in large amounts!
In that respect, we have received many comments that juice is a convenient and efficient way to consume vegetables.
thank you!

"Juicing reduces bulk and allows you to eat more vegetables."
That's not the only reason why we recommend Sunshine Juice to solve the lack of vegetables.

[Recommended point 1] No fragrances, sugars, or additives are added during the manufacturing process!

Commercially available 100% fruit juice can be broadly divided into “straight” and “concentrated”.
Concentration reduction is a manufacturing method in which the squeezed juice is heated, vacuumed, or frozen to evaporate the water contained in it and concentrate it, and then add water again when selling it as a beverage to return it to its original concentration. is.
By removing the moisture, the weight becomes lighter, making transportation and import/export easier, and the sugar content increases, extending the shelf life.
However, at the same time, the flavor and nutrients are lost, so it seems that there are many products that have added flavorings, sweeteners, vitamin C, etc. along with the water.

Sunshine Juice's raw ingredients are only vegetables and fruits, whether it's fresh juice in the store or frozen juice in the online shop.
Moreover, we visit producers in various parts of Japan, see the sites and listen to their stories, and use mainly selected materials that we are satisfied with.
No water or additives are added, so it is packed with the natural nutrition of vegetables and the thoughts of the producer.

[Recommended point 2] The cold press method keeps vitamins and enzymes that are easily lost due to heat!

Even if raw vegetables and fruits are used, heat-sensitive vitamins and enzymes are lost due to the frictional heat generated by conventional centrifugal separators and high-speed juicers/mixers during production.
The cold press method squeezes slowly with strong pressure, so the juice is squeezed without adding any heat.
In addition, the cold press juicer used in Sunshine Juice is Goodnature's X1 juicer, which is trusted by cold press juice brands around the world!

Juice is legally obliged to be heat sterilized in order to be distributed.
Therefore, commercially available products labeled as “straight” or “cold-pressed” also require heat treatment for sterilization. (Sunshine Juice's frozen juice is also heat sterilized in partnership with a factory that has its own know-how in order to prevent the nutrients from being destroyed as much as possible.)
However, the juice sold at the Ebisu store is not heat-treated and is bottled as soon as it is squeezed!
It doesn't last as long and can't be shipped all over the country, but you can enjoy the nutrition of the vegetables alive! !

[Recommended point 3] Since insoluble dietary fiber is removed, the digestion time is short and the absorption rate is high!

Cold-pressed juice removes insoluble dietary fiber during the manufacturing process, so you can take in the nutrients of vegetables without putting a strain on your internal organs.
While it takes 3 to 5 hours to digest vegetables and fruits as they are, cold-pressed juice takes only 15 to 30 minutes to digest, and the absorption rate can be greatly increased.

It's a juice that kills two birds with one stone: it's good for your body and it's packed with vegetable nutrition!

In this way, cold-pressed juice is recommended for solving the lack of vegetables for reasons other than "easily getting vegetables", so please feel the power of fresh and gentle vegetables.

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