"Year-end Greetings"

"Year-end Greetings"

This is stork from Sunshine Juice. There are only a few left this year. Thank you all for your hard work in 2022. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. thank you very much.

Looking back on this year, we worked through various trials and errors to help more people become healthy through the power of nature. And can't you reduce it to plants and the earth while making juice? We also explored ways to shape initiatives that are conscious of such a “circulation”.

With the cooperation of Ome Farm in Ome City, the Farmers in Chiba Prefecture, and Bassed Farm in Kanagawa Prefecture, we return all food waste, including juice residue, to the soil, ferment it, compost it, and use it again. " Cosmic Compost ", a cosmic circulation project in which plants grow and return to the store to become juice, was launched, and several types of juice were sold using vegetables made from pomace. It seems that next year we will be able to make more exciting efforts with the cooperation of each producer.

In addition, from the project " Lefts, " which has been working on for many years, we have finally created an original T - shirt in 4 colors using 4 types of juice residue. You can feel the power of the plant by wearing it in the same way.

Then, the off-grid mobile store " SUNSHINE JUICE WHEELS ", which filters the waste oil and converts it into gasoline, and powers the car with solar panels installed on the roof, has also started operation, and the used vegetable waste oil collected from everyone in various places. As you travel, you get closer to the environment where the plants are growing, and the solar power generation makes it fresh even if there is no power supply there! powerful! We also opened a store where you can squeeze the juice and feel the power of the local plants. We are looking forward to seeing you all again next year.

In addition, the Ebisu store, which had not been touched for many years, was also renovated. Mainly using scrap materials from the Zushi Film Festival, the interior has been reborn using wood, and we also have a selection of high-quality, natural-feeling merchandise items found during our travels around Japan. It's a small shop, but I hope that customers who come to buy juice can have fun and feel comfortable. Please come and visit us.

Sunshine juice is a cold-pressed water that the plants contain in their bodies as they grow. When you drink the water, the power of nature is directly transmitted to your body and your eyes open. , permeates into cells and leads to health. Because we use only plants, we connect with producers in various places to search for better materials, make juice from plants that are in season at that time, and “circulate” the plants that provide energy in that way. I think that I can be closer by thinking about initiatives that are conscious of.

Through these various initiatives, I hope that Sunshine Juice will help as many people as possible to use the power of nature to make their bodies and minds healthier. So what is that "health"? When I thought about this, I remember the words written by Dr. Toshiro Inaba, the director of Karuizawa Hospital, in his book "Inochi wo Awakenmono." Excerpt below.

"Once again, I thought about what 'health' means to me, and what 'healthy state' means. That's when you naturally feel the real feeling of living and the joy of living. It is also the time when feelings of gratitude for the people around you naturally spring up. I feel that I am healthy both physically and mentally when I maintain a comfortable relationship with myself, as well as with the relationships that make it possible. ”

Next year, we hope that as many people as possible will become “healthy” through opportunities such as opening high-quality juices, various sunshine juice products, and mobile stores in various parts of Japan, as well as the Cosdmic Compost project. I'll do my best. When I read Inaba-sensei's article, I felt that if more people were "healthy" (I call this state "JUICY"), the world would become more "peaceful".

Thank you very much for this year, and I look forward to your continued support next year. Wishing you all a healthy new year!


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