Shift change from summer to autumn

Shift change from summer to autumn

The days are still hot in September, but the days are getting shorter and the cicadas are no longer singing.

During the summer, even if you drink a lot of juice, you won't feel cold so much, but it's about time to shift to a cleanse while paying attention to the coldness and burden on your internal organs, so you can enjoy a more stress-free and effective cleanse. I think you can.

Ingenuity to cleanse without feeling cold


① Make hot drinks between juices

During the cleanse, it is recommended to drink about the same amount of water as the juice between juices. can be prevented.

I especially recommend Sunshinejuice's "Natural Remedy".

You can make a caffeine-free hot drink simply by dissolving the powder, which is a tightly condensed plant component, in hot water.

There are 4 variations, so you can choose and enjoy according to the effect and mood.

・Immunity (Chaga): Immunity up, cold prevention, antioxidant

・Recovery (beets): For recovery from fatigue, prevention of anemia, and sports

・Excretion (horsetail): Detox, regulate autonomic nerves

・Turmeric: For those who drink alcohol, beauty

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②  Socks, blankets, and soak in bathtubs

It is also important not to physically cool down.

During the summer, people often go barefoot or take a shower, but when you cleanse from now on, consciously warming up your body will reduce the burden of coldness.

If you take a slow soak in the bathtub at night and relax, you will have a deeper sleep, and you will feel more refreshed after the cleanse the next day.

③ Cleanse with soup or curry

You can cleanse without feeling cold by using soup or curry instead of juice in the morning or evening, when you are particularly prone to feeling cold during the cleanse of the day.

It feels less detoxifying than cleansing with juice alone, but I think it's very important to choose a menu that matches the season so that you don't feel stressed about continuing cleansing due to the cold or coldness of your internal organs. .

Sunshinejuice's soups and curries are vegan menus made with only plant-based ingredients, so they're gentle on your stomach and intestines while providing plenty of vegetable nutrition.

Sunshinejuice soup and curry


We are currently selling 3 types of soup and 2 types of curry at our online shop and Ebisu store.

All menus are 100% plant-based vegan menus that use plenty of domestic vegetables.

Because we use whole vegetables and spend a lot of time making them, the phytochemicals (pigments and fragrances produced by plants to protect themselves from harmful substances such as ultraviolet rays and insects) contained in the roots and skins of vegetables are removed. , pungent, etc. Typical examples are isoflavone, lycopene, β-carotene, etc.) and insoluble dietary fiber can be taken while reducing the burden on digestion.

In addition, the soup stock is based on vegetable broth, which is made by slowly boiling the fibrous parts of vegetables that remain when the juice is squeezed.

Even those who usually eat soup or curry with meat or fish will be satisfied.

[3 types of soup]

・Tomato lentil

Tomato and organic lentil soup, which is rich in lycopene and has excellent antioxidant and fat burning effects.

Because it uses plenty of spices such as cumin and coriander, it has a good aroma and an addictive taste.

It contains lentils, so you can get plenty of protein.

・Pumpkin ginger miso

A soup made with pumpkin, which is rich in vitamin E, which is said to be a "vitamin for rejuvenation," based on rice miso, which is highly nutritious, and ginger, which promotes metabolism and blood circulation.

It's the most popular menu because it has the mildest taste and low calorie.

・Seaweed sesame lotus root

Soup made with ingredients from Saga Prefecture, which is surrounded by rich nature.

Saga seaweed rich in minerals, Shiroishi lotus root said to be effective against allergies such as hay fever, rare sesame seeds, and sea salt loved by free diver Jacques Mayol make the soup easy to eat despite its black appearance. It is a menu with a good scent of sesame.

[2 types of curry]

・Kale and chickpea curry

A satisfying curry made with the king of vegetables, kale, and chickpeas, which are rich in isoflavones, zinc, and protein.

Detox while eating!

Coconut cream is used, so it has a soft sweetness and is moderately spicy.

・Beets and coconut curry

A curry made with vegetable beets and coconut milk, which is rich in zinc and iron and is also called "eating blood transfusion".

The bright red curry looks energizing, and the texture of the beetroot remains, giving you a sense of satisfaction.

This is a curry that is also spicy!

There are 5 pack sets with 1 type of each menu, 3 types of soup only sets, 2 types of curry sets, and a set with all types of soup and curry.

We also have a cleanse set that includes juice, soup, and curry, so please try it for a cleanse that incorporates soup or curry.

Let's slowly prepare for autumn.

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