April new moon impressions new moon note by nori

April new moon impressions new moon note by nori

Today is the April new moon. Just when you think April is bringing with it more and more pleasant days, spring storms are on the way.

The special juice for April is "Sakura Citrus."
This year, there was an abundance of delicious citrus fruits such as blood oranges, Beni Hachisaku oranges, and Tankan oranges, and I was able to make a lot of delicious citrus juices. Personally, I usually drink green juice, but this spring I've been drinking a lot of Ironman's Favorite, a blend of citrus and beets. I made a conscious effort to drink a lot of it, especially on days when I ran a little longer or walked in the mountains.
Japanese citrus fruits are a new breed of fruit that are born from various cross-breedings. However, each one is unique, with a truly diverse taste and aroma, making them plants with all the diversity and individuality they are. And I love traveling because I can clearly feel the direct influence of the water and sun of each place. This time's special juice is a seasonal citrus blend topped with sakura powder. It is said that sakura has skin-beautifying, antioxidant, and relaxing effects. Please enjoy it while you're out cherry blossom viewing.

The weather has been a bit unstable this spring. There has been a lot of rain and some cold days. I feel really happy with the spring weather after the cold and rainy days. The trees are budding, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, it feels great to be outside in light clothes and I feel like walking a lot. At times like these, I remember an interview with David Hockney.
"The world is very beautiful if you look at it."
The arrival of spring is good news! Can you be the one to notice it? It's a great interview, so please take a look.

Instead of searching for happiness and joy in something special, you can feel it by focusing on the things around you. The arrival of spring with its warm sunshine after the cold winter makes me really happy. It's an everyday occurrence, but I want to be the person who can find lots of happiness in it, and I want to be in a state of being receptive.


Sunshine Juice will open at vivo barefoot kyoto, which will open on April 20th in Kitaoji, Kyoto. We recently featured the director of Sunshine Juice, Komine-san, as a guest on the "Juicy Talk Podcast," and we talked to him about the brand, which has a fantastic concept.

I'm happy and excited to be able to serve Sunshine Juice at such a wonderful store. We plan to serve juice there until the beginning of June, so please come and experience Sunshine Juice and vivo barefoot, everyone in Kyoto and everyone who is visiting Kyoto. Details will be announced on Instagram.

Time flies and it's already April. Let's enjoy the beautiful scenery in this wonderful season.

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