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Rhubarb and Paprika 6pack set

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limited stock!

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[Limited quantity, end as soon as it's gone! ]

This juice uses red paprika, which is especially rich in nutrients, and rhubarb, which is attracting attention for its high beauty effects.
Red paprika contains twice as much β-carotene and vitamin C as bell peppers, and the pigment component “capsanthin” has a strong antioxidant effect and works to increase good cholesterol, so it can be expected to improve lifestyle-related diseases.
In addition to vitamin C and potassium, rhubarb contains abundant anthocyanins, so it is effective in preventing eye strain and presbyopia.
Refreshing red vegetable juice will blow away your summer fatigue!
※Sennoside, an ingredient in rhubarb, is said to have a uterine contraction effect, so it should not be used during pregnancy or lactation.

Rhubarb and Paprika 200ml x 6 packs (paprika / rhubarb)

●Expiration date
1 year from the date of manufacture

●How to save
Preservation method Freeze (-18°C or below)

●How to drink Please defrost in cold water just before drinking.
This is a frozen cold-pressed juice that uses plenty of high-quality domestic vegetables found by visiting producers in various parts of Japan and is squeezed using a cold-press method, then quickly frozen to keep it fresh. Enjoy the original taste and nutrition of the ingredients to adjust your daily nutritional balance.

*This product will be delivered by frozen cool delivery service. Please note that the shipping fee will be charged separately if you purchase it together with a product that is delivered at room temperature.

* About raw materials